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Illumina Bead Xpress

Illumina’s VeraCode technology with the BeadXpress Reader is ideal for high-throughput small to mid-scale genotyping studies and SNP validation. BX leverages the power of digital holographic codes and the robust GoldenGate Genotyping Assay to provide a detection method for multiplex assays requiring high precision, accuracy and speed. The BeadXpress system consists of the BeadXpress Reader and VeraScan software. Due to its versatile assay design and high accuracy, the BeadXpress Reader is the optimal solution for performing multiplexed-based molecular diagnostic testing.
This platform supports DNA-, RNA-, and protein-based assays with the broadest multiplexing range in the industry. The VeraCode technology utilized by this system allows from 1 to 384-plex assays per well in a standard 96-well format or 8-well strip and introduces them into an eight-chambered transparent groove plate at the bottom of the system's fluidic cell. The BeadXpress Reader System, the combination of VeraCode digital microbead technology and two-color laser detection capability, enables scanning from low to mid multiplex of SNPs in essentially any number of individuals. The feature of scanning the beads both for their code and for their fluorescence intensity signals provides high-quality data and high assay flexibility. The system offers the following advantages:
●  Broadest Multiplexing Range: Simultaneous detection of one to several hundred analytes
●  Versatile Assay: Wide range of applications, including DNA, RNA, and protein-based assays
●  Superb Data Quality: Industry-leading measurement density and sensitivity through code detection
●  Custom Low- to Mid-plex Genotyping
●  Custom Low- to Mid-plex Methylation Analysis
●  SNP Screening
●  Custom SNP Genotyping
●  Custom Expression Profiling
●  DNA methylation Profiling
●  Protein Screening
Illumina Bead Xpress



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