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Collaborative Research

In addition to its services portfolio, Xcelris Genomics has a strong focus on collaborative research in the fields of Human Genomics, Plant & Animal Genomics, Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics. By partnering with researchers in forming consortiums for individual projects, Xcelris helps build a strong platform for efficient execution of large and complex projects. Xcelris Genomics acts as the sequencing and/or data analysis partner in consortiums for various projects, some of which are briefly described below
Plant Genomics
●  A novel study on Indian medicinal plant Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-Graecum)     to identify and analyze genes pertaining to specific secondary metabolites in     collaboration with a Switzerland based partner.
●  Xcelris Genomics has a dedicated focus on Bamboo research (Bambusa bambos)     for genetic and comparitive analysis of various Bamboo species and special     varieties. Xcelris has launched an initiative to construct a scientific consortium on     Bamboo research.
●  Rice transcriptome and small RNA analysis to identify cellular mechanisms and     differential gene expression in various rice varieties in different environment in     collaboration with a leading Indian research institute.
Animal Genomics
●  SNP discovery and Genome resequencing of Indian Buffalo and Goat breeds to     identify biomarkers associated with specific features such as milk yield, protein     and fat content with an Indian research partner.
●  Genetic mapping of rare indigenous horse breed of India for breed identification,     SNP discovery and population screening. Xcelris Genomics has special focus on     endangered species genomics.
Human Genomics
●  A project on novel Biomarker and drug target discovery in cancer and CVD using     NGS technology by deep sequencing of transcriptome and small RNA.
●  Breast cancer microarray data analysis to identify differentially expressed genes     towards Tamoxifan resistance in MCF-7 cell lines with a European collaborator.
Microbial and Metagenomics
●  A large scale collaborative project to discover colonizable microbes species     composition, phylogenetic relation and predominant metabolic pathway of     importance in healthy and diabetic population from various geographical location     using hybrid NGS technology.

To inquire about or initiate a collaborative research program, please write to us at bdgenomics.corp@xcelrislabs.com



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