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Genome Lab GeXP

The GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System utilizes a patented, highly multiplexed PCR approach; to efficiently look at the expression of multiplexed gene sets with sensitivity and speed. With a multiplexing capacity of analyzing up to 30 genes per reaction, the scalable GeXP can monitor tens to hundreds of genes for up to tens of thousands of samples. With this technology gene expression analysis can be provided to the customers. The GeXP method is ideally suited for expression of a moderately high number of genes or a high number of samples or genotypes. The savings in time and money are realized as more genes are added to the panel.
Xcelris Genomics has developed the following assay on GenomeLab GeXP
●  Discovery of Gene Targets and Pathway Analysis
●  Biomarker Discovery and Microarray Data Validation
●  Drug toxicity testing by analyzing CYP 450 assay

Genome Lab GeXP



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