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Microsatellite Discovery and Genotyping

Microsatellite marker discovery is based on restriction digestion of DNA with HaeIII/Alu/Rsal/Sau3Al restriction endonuclease and enrichment for Microsatellite-containing Genomic DNA Fragments. Ligation of the enriched DNA into plasmid vector and transformation into E. coli. PCR screening of the library using the vector specific primers. DNA Sequencing of the selected colonies on ABI 3730xl Genetic Analyzer, and SSR primer designing and optimization for screening protocols.
Xcelris offers Microsatellite Discovery and Genotyping by the following methodology:

●  Genomic DNA

●  QC analysis of samples

●  Primers will be sent for labeling

●  Microsatellite PCR reaction setup

●  Fragment analysis on ABI 3730xl Genetic Analyzer

●  Data analysis using Genemapper 4.0 software

●  Report preparation & submission to client
Data Analysis & Deliverables
Data Analysis will be done on Genemapper 4.0 software and pdf report consisting of Microsat locus ID,length of product, no.of repeat units and chromatograms which will be sent to customer.



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