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  Custom Oligo Synthesis Services
Xcelris Genomics as an asian market leader in delivering the products & services in Genomics, we are pleased to introduce to you our new service of customized DNA/RNA synthesis with New generation technology to improve the Quality & quantification of the current reasearch demand.
Specifications of scale and yield of synthesis
We offer different types of scales for the custom DNA synthesis
Minimum Guarantee Yield in OD
Scale n mole Length Desalted RP1 HPLC PAGE
10 15-34 2 N/A N/A N/A
25 15-34 3 N/A N/A N/A
50 5-00 5 2 2 0.5
100 5-00 10 4 4 1.0
200 5-120 14 6 6 2.0
1000 5-120 40 13 13 5.0
We offer different types of purification for the customized applications,as well as standard RAPD Kits for the researcher's demand.
●  Desalt,
Catridge purification is extremely precise technology method based on the reverse phase chromotography. Oligos are quantitated by UV spectrophotometry/Nano-Drop Technology to provide an accurate measure of yield in Optical density (OD). This varies with length and decreases for shorter oligos. All oligos are quality controlled (QC) and checked by Mass spectrometry.
Xcelris offers HPLC Purification for Modified & Unmodified oligos for an advanced technology with RP-HPLC in high resolution & high intensity due to chromatographic separation for the cloning application. With this technology we can separate n-x & most truncated sequence created during synthesis, thus increasing better productivity.
Xcelris offers unique PAGE purification for longer oligonucleotides ,which requires highest level of purification for the most sensible reactions. In PAGE technique, it removes most truncated failures during synthesis, and achieves 95% purity, better than any other purification method.
Modification Services
Xcelris offers Modifications for the Customer's requirement with different applications.
●  Non-fluoroscent modifications
●  Back bone-sugar-Base modifications.
●  Fluoroscent Dye modifications
Non-fluoroscent modifications
Modification 5' 3' Int
AminolinkC6 x    
AminolinkC12 x    
AminolinkC3/C6/C7   x  
Biotin3'   x  
Biotin5' x    
Biotin TEG x x  
Digoxigenin x x x
Phosphorylation(PHOSs) x x  
Thiol Modifier x x  
Back bone-sugar-Base modifications
Modification 5' 3' Int
Phosphorothiote Bses(PTO) x x x
2'-Deoxyinosine (INO)   x x
2'-Deoxyinosine (URI)   x x
5-Methyl-dc   x x
AminoC6-dT     x
Biotin-dT     x
dSpacer (Deoxyabasic)     x
5'ddA:5'ddG:5'ddC5'ddt   x  
2'3'dideoxyC(3'ddc)   x  
Fluorescent dyes at a glance Modification
Dye Abs Em Ext.Coeff. Mol.Weight 5' Int 3'
Fam 495 520 83 474,50 x    
FITC 495 520 79 505,00 x x x
Fluorescein 495 520 83 504,00     x
Fluorescein-dT 494 522 75 472,71   x  
TET 521 536 73 612,30 x    
JOE 520 548 73 603,40 x x x
Cy3 552 570 150 444,60 x    
TAMRA 544 576 90 512,58/612,70 X   X
Rhodamine Red 560 580 129 770,00 x x x
ROX 575 602 82 632,78 x x x
Texas Red 583 603 116 818,00 x x x
Cy3.5 588 604 150 544,70 x    
Cy5 649 670 250 470,63 x    
Quencher   Quencher Range Molar Ext.Coeff Mol.Weight      
BHQ1 534 480-580 34.00 M-1 cm-1 491.5 g/mol     x
BHQ2 544 520-600 91.000 M-1 cm-1 493.5 g/mol     x
Delivery Options
Our Customised Oligos after purification process in mods / unmods are shipped Lyophilised in the tube . In plate format, the oligos are Dissloved / Lyophilised as per the customer's requirement along with Synthesis Report & Quality Document.
Once you fill up the enquiry form we will provide you with the quotation.



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