Medical Genetics Services
XPet are premium micropipette tips from Xcelris manufactured from medical grade virgin plastic in a fully clean room automated facility. Moreover it is fully autoclavable and it's innovative design makes it compatible with pipettes from other manufacturers. Each tip is crafted to deliver accuracy and precise volume, so there is no compromise in your research
Volume Range: 10,200 and 1000 μl
Packaging: Bulk, Rack, Reloader Stack
Type: Sterile, Non Sterile, Low Retention, Filter Tips
Uncompromised Production: Manufactured in fully automatic, touch free clean room production facility
High Quality Plastic: Produced from medical grade virgin polypropylene plastic
Contamination free: All tips are free from DNase, RNase, Pyrogen and PCR inhibitors
Compatible Design: Innovative design compatible with pipettes from other manufacturers
Wide variety of Packaging Options: Available in Bulk, Rack and Reloading Stack
High Transparency with Readable marks: Ensure error free pipetting with visible graduated marks on micropipette tips
Low Retention Tips
Low retention tips are manufactured from a specifically developed resin and high quality diamond finish moulds to give super hydrophobic internal surface. Low retention tips are designed for minimum retention with maximum accuracy. Our tips are free of leaching effect as no silicone treatment is given
Filter Tips
XPet filter tips are manufactured using specifically developed Polyethylene filters to block aerosols from entering into the pipette to prevent cross contamination. Ideal for use in applications like sequencing, DNA amplification, Tissue culture, RT-PCR and other critical protocols.
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