Medical Genetics Services
Experience the Joy of Pipetting
We understand that there is no scope for compromise in research at any point of time. Keeping the same thought in mind we have designed "XPet", our range of premium single channel and multichannel micropipette . Our endeavor was to design a masterpiece which match your standards of research and deliver accuracy and precision at every step. It is manufactured under world class European facility and has perfect blend of ergonomic design, ultra light weight to reduce stress and fatigue, built-in oversize indicator for easy volume monitoring and feather light plunger. We invite you to experience "XPet" and experience the joy of pipetting.
• Safe lock mechanism
• Stress free pipetting
• User friendly design
• Large ergovision display
• Double O-ring with anodized tip cone
• Multichannel pipette for 384-well pipetting
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