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Transcriptome Sequencing using Next Gen Technology

Transcriptomics, or genome-wide expression profiling, aims to catalogue the complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome, including mRNAs, non-coding RNAs and small RNAs. Xcelris Genomics provides you with one stop solution for your transcriptome sequencing by using Next Generation technologies like ABI SOLiD, Roche GS FLX system Titanium and Illumina High Seq 2000 platforms. We provide RNA sequencing which allows the profiling of the whole population of mRNA in any eukaryotic species and enables mapping and digital quantification of whole transcripts. It also provides a rich source of sequence data for assessing alternative splice events High throughput sequence barcoding methodology of transcriptome assay enables genome wide expression profiling with high sensitivity and a wider dynamic range than microarray technology. The next generation sequencing based whole transcriptome analysis enables to detect expression of all coding, n on-coding and novel RNA's, Identification of alternative splicing events and determination of identifying allelic specific expression patterns.
The comprehensive methodology that Xcelris follows for the Transcriptome Sequencing with years of experience using Next Gen Technology is:

●  RNA Isolation
●  Quality check of RNA sample to assess RNA Integrity Number (RIN)
●  Preparation of Whole Transcriptome Library
●  Templated bead preparation
●  Data Generation on ABI SOLiD, Roche GS FLX and Illumina High Seqbr
●  Data Analysis using different bioinformatics tools
●  Alignment Report for the samples provided
●  A summary of the mapping results, including score distribution.
●  Score distribution plots
●  General Feature Format containing all the reads that were mapped uniquely, including those mapped to     splice junctions.
●  Counts file
●  A file in GFF format, containing information regarding the number of reads hitting the corresponding region.
●  Annotation wig file
●  Coverage file in wiggle format for regions contained in the annotation file, one for each genomic region     (chromosome).
●  Predicted Transcribed Region (PTR) GFF files
●  Optimization plots
●  These plots are used in selecting the optimal parameters for detecting Novel Transcribed Regions (NTR).
●  Annotated Transcribed Regions (ATR) plots
Along with the above the customers receive a quality report which includes all the details of the samples that has been received. Xcelris Genomics also offers an advanced Bioinformatics Analysis for reference based whole trascriptome analysis and de novo whole transcriptome analysis based on the customer requirement.



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