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Xcelris Genomics is India's leading Genomics research organization and service provider offering cutting edge solutions to the bioscience industry and research institutions. With a solid reputation for quality data generation and bioinformatics as well as flexibility in customizing projects to meet the specific client needs, Xcelris has emerged as the ideal research partner for a continually expanding clientèle, across various scientific domains. Xcelris endeavors to offer a comprehensive range of services, to present to our clients a one-stop solution provider and collaborator for all research needs.

We at Xcelris look forward to working with you and assisting you in achieving your research goals. Team Xcelris is here to help you "get your projects done right, cost effectively and in optimum time”.
Xcelris Genomics is the official service provider for Lifetech SOLiD 4 platform in India since 2009.



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