Medical Genetics Services

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About Us
Xcelris is India's leading genomics research organization offering cutting edge solutions to researchers across fields such as agriculture, human health, animal science, wildlife conservation, bio-energy, microbial and environmental genetics. Xcelris partners with the biotechnology industry, academia, research institutes and individual researchers in India and abroad. Xcelris caters to the needs of researchers by it's comprehensive service portfolio ranging from Molecular biology kits, Oligosynthesis services, Sanger Sequencing services, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics analysis.

With emphasis on technological up gradation to keep pace with the latest developments in Genomics, we have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with latest Sequencing platforms like MiSeq, HiSeq2000/2500, NextSeq500, iScan, SOLiD 4 and a High Performance Computing Cluster with 3.2 TB RAM and 250TB Data storage capacity.

The foundation of Xcelris is in it's vast pool of talented and experienced team of scientists, sales and distribution network across India and management professionals, fueled by vision of innovative research and development capabilities, thereby assisting researchers in achieving research goals effectively, economically and in stipulated time frame.
To be a global world class life sciences based innovative research organization
Partnering Biotechnology communities and applications
Delivering value added services and solutions
for the development of a healthier and sustainable future
Building a world class organization by
Achieving excellence in the field of life sciences research and technology with innovative products, services & applications
Attaining highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty through knowledge, expertise and efficient processes
With dedicated management capabilities
through a core set of values of fairness, honesty, hard work and discipline
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