Medical Genetics Services
About PrimeX
PrimeX offers customized oligos synthesized on completely automated and high throughput Dr. Oligo 96/192. Our oligos come with a guarantee of high performance for a wide spectrum of research applications including:
•   Sequencing, Microsatellite Genotyping
•   PCR and RT-PCR, Cloning
•   RAPD and Universal Primers
•   Permissible Wobble bases
Xcelris offers a convenient primer design service. We can design, for instance, PCR primer pairs for DNA amplification of specific regions for your research needs like cloning, sequencing, and detection experiments
Advantage PrimeX
•   High Throughput Automated System
•   Online synthesis report
•   Highest purity at lowest price
•   RAPD/Universal kit primers
•   Committed TAT
Minimum guaranteed yield at OD260
Sample Requirement: Oligo name, Sequence in 5'-3' direction, Length, Purification
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