Medical Genetics Services

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State-of-the-art infrastructure facility
Xcelris Labs facility, spread over 40,000 sq.ft of area is designed to meet the global standards. Xcelris Labs uses cutting edge technology with unprecedented sensitivity and reliability to address the scientific needs. Xcelris endeavors to keep pace and upgrade it's infrastructure and scientific resource from time to time. We have access to latest technological platforms such as Illumina and ABI Solid system.
•  NextSeq500
•  MiSeq
•  *HiSeq 2000/2500
•  *PacBio
•  *iScan
•  *GS FLX +
•  ABI 3730xl
•  Dr.Oligo 192 (Oligo Synthesizer)
•  LightCycler® 480
• Automated Liquid Handling Station
• High Performance Computing Cluster
• Advanced Bioinformatics Lab
• Advanced Manufacturing Facility
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